We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

Coaching is meant to give you clarity, confidence, and direction to move forward in your life. 

I offer a variety of packages to choose from. You will learn and grow so that you can become who you were born to be.

Ramona Rogers

Pricing TABLE

One-on-One Coaching

1 Session

per Month
$ 75
  • 1hr Consultation
  • Personalized Plan
  • 1 Design Sheet

2 Sessions

per Month
$ 100
  • 1hr Consultation
  • Personalized Plan
  • 2 Design Sheet

4 Sessions

per Month
$ 199
  • 1hr Consultation
  • Personalized Plan
  • 4 Design Sheets

Group Coaching

Blueprint of You

4 weeks
$ 495
  • Elevate your mindset
  • Clarify Dreams & Visions
  • Pinpoint Personal Attributes

Blueprint for Life Construction

4 weeks
$ 595
  • Mapping Life Outcomes
  • Create Milestones
  • Create Systems

Blueprint For Greatness

4 Week
$ 695
  • Learn Process for Greatness
  • Create Habitual Routines
  • Solidify Successful Methods


8 week group session

Take your business from 0% to 100%

The Entrepreneur In Training coaching helps aspiring business owners to develop their skills and knowledge of operating a business effectively. This group coaching allows participants to develop a solid business framework beginning with idea inception, business blueprint creation, action steps of implementation, business launching, and business stabilization.  Turning a dream of business ownership into a reality requires a great deal of mental toughness and strategic planning.  Entrepreneur In Training concentrates on Ramona’s 4 Building Blocks of being an effective entrepreneur. Through this coaching group Ramona is able to build entrepreneurs for their purpose from the inside out.